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Twenty20 was one hell of a year. A lot happened, I mean a whole lot of lot. Surrounded by uncertainty, setbacks, losses, and to mention the least, unwanted changes and circumstances we all had to adapt to, whether we wanted or not. Though, on one hand millions incurred financial, physical, and family losses, some emerged as brave, strong and more resilient than before. It made me think what made some people flourish during a pandemic ? I found my answer in book “Switch On Your Brain” by Dr. Caroline Leaf. If there is one book you should read this year, even if you are not a reader it is this book.

This book completely challenged my thought process. It taught me things about my brain and how it functions, I was never told before and I am glad I know it now. Dr. Leaf did a great job breaking down how human brain is designed to work and how we can control it not only that she went to further elaborate how memories , emotions and thoughts are generated , how they are related and how can they be controlled.

Being born and raised in certain environment have no control over your brain if you do not allow it to. Even deeper that it is not your DNA but your attitude determines your quality of you will live or choose to live. (PG 14). Ultimately it start with a choice. What really got my attention was this line on PG 14 of the book — ‘The choices you make today not only impact your spirit, soul and body, but can also impact the next four generations”. Yes you read it right “four generations”, I didn’t believe it at first, then I started tracking back where I am right now, how I got here and it all connected. I am grateful for my family for making great choices.

I will leave rest for you to pickup and read and learn.

What kind of choices are you making?

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